The Morecambe lightship ashore at Battery Point after parting her moorings again in a storm

The Morecambe lightship ashore at Battery Point after parting her moorings again in a storm
Keith Willacy collection

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  • From what I can find. On the freeview sections on the newspaper archive. On the 12th of February 1894 the lightvessel shown in your photo was washed ashore after severe storms and wrecked. It was operated by the Midland Railway company, and they replaced it with another vessel which was reported in the newspaper 1st November 1894, which I guess was the same one washed ashore the same month

    By Lyndon Pritchard (02/11/2019)
  • Hi, I have just been looking through the photos I have again

    One of the photos I have shows another view of your photo showing of the wreck of the lightship near the winter gardens taken in September 1897, with the description that it came ashore in February 1894,
    As I am not from the area is Battery point which shows another Morecambe bay lightship ashore in November 1894 the same same location? There is another artist impression of the Morecambe bay lightship in distress dated March 1903 which appears to the same one shown in the november 1894 images you have, around may 1903 the newly built lv70 was placed on station only to be rundown and sunk by the ss abbot on 16 July 1903, and replaced by Lv72, if anyone has further information on any of the lightships in the area please get in touch.

    By Lyndon (02/11/2019)
  • Thanks for your question. This information came to us with the photograph. I’d be interested to know if anyone has any more information on the story then we can make sure it is correct. If anyone know more about the history of the Lightship, do get in touch.

    By Michelle Cooper (19/09/2019)
  • Hi is the date of December 1903 when she came ashore correct.? As at that time the SS Abbot had already run down LV70 and she had been replaced by LV72 (both iron vessels) I have another photo dated around 1894/97

    By Lyndon (17/08/2019)

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