BOOMcast 1 : Rusland Valley & the Corncrake

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  • Hi Rosemary – thanks for listening and I’m glad you enjoyed it. You are right – the corncrake is contrived. But deliberately so. The corncrake is in fact extinct in South Cumbria now. Dan Fox, the artist who produced the piece, has deliberately introduced the corncrake sound as a reminder of what is missing in the landscape. We try to draw attention in the piece to the fact that this is a sound that was once common in this environment but that is now missing. Most of the other bird sounds are authentic and were recorded live in November. I was on site when it was recorded – I think we got lucky. It was wonderful to hear it all and have it explained by Mike the ecologist. Some has been enhanced and added as additional layers simply to help the listener identify different species. I hope that helps explain it a little. Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and comment – we love to know what people think. Best wishes Michelle @Morecambe Bay Partnership/BOOM

    By Michelle Cooper (02/02/2021)
  • Enjoyed it very much, especially the spoken accounts. Just not too sure about the “November” birdsong – rather contrived, especially the corncrake which obviously wouldn’t have been around in November anyway. Might it have been better to have recorded the sound track in spring?

    By Rosemary Webster (23/01/2021)

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